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Iktus, o.p.s.

About us

IKTUS, o.p.s. is a non-profit organization cooperating with the Czech Stroke Society to support a wide range of activities:


  • Support of the promotion of stroke

  • Support of educational programs popularizing the importance of stroke

  • Promotion of rational and correct therapy and secondary prevention of stroke

  • Support of scientific research or development related to stroke issues

  • Support of rehabilitation of people after stroke

  • Support of projects for the education of young neurologists and other professionals in the field of stroke

  • Support of projects aimed at preventing stroke

  • Support of projects focused on rehabilitation therapies after stroke

  • Support of solving current problems in the field of prevention, treatment and subsequent rehabilitation therapy of stroke

  • Cooperation with professional workplaces in areas devoted to stroke issues



Additional activity:

  • Support and organization of professional events, conferences, workshops

  • Preparation, organization or support of projects in the field of education and stroke issues

  • Cooperation and support of other entities operating in the field of solving stroke issues in the form of joint projects, grants and other suitable activities

  • Organization and provision of grants and other appropriate forms of support for young neurologists and other professionals


Board of directors

Assoc. prof. Zbyněk Kalita, MD, CSc.; Assoc. prof. Michal Bar, MD, PhD, FESO; Jiří Neumann. MD

Supervisory board

MUDr. Daniel Václavík, MD, PhD; Ondřej Škoda, MD, PhD; Prof. Robert Mikulík, MD, PhD, FESO


Veronika Svobodová



Veronika Svobodová

Iktus, o.p.s. Director


IKTUS, ops

K Rybníčku 1180,

Mnisek pod Brdy,

Postcode 252 10

Czech Republic


Company ID: 279 56 199

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